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"Local means very little on its own, less without context, and nothing without soul."


Panciuto is always swimming upriver against the current. We are stronger and smarter for it, and despite the challenges that remain ahead, we have had success to this point in large part because we will not compromise on three principles.

1. We believe working adults should make a LIVING WAGE and we pay our staff accordingly.

2. We are committed to sourcing 95% of the food on your plate from NC farms, benefitting the local economy and the environment.

3. We value meaningful relationships with our growers, producers, staff and customers.

As we reopen after a very trying year, we will do what we have always done and challenge the norms

of this industry, innovate, and develop a smarter restaurant model that will benefit our workers, farmers, and customers.


We are devoted to people - farmers and friends - who supply us with virtually all of our food, the plates on which we eat, and the table at which we sit. If our food has radiance, it's because of this collective.

We started as an Italian restaurant working with Southern ingredients. Longevity, exploration, and the practice of refinement has pushed the restaurant into exciting new territory. This process has coincided with a South that is more diverse today than it was when we opened more than a decade ago. The fields still grow tomatoes and turnip greens, but they are joined by ginger, turmeric, and galangal.

- Aaron Vandemark, Chef & Owner

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