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"Local means very little on its own, less without context, and nothing without soul."

About Us Forever

We are devoted to people - farmers and friends - who supply us with virtually all of our food, the plates on which we eat, and the table at which we sit. If our food has radiance, it's because of this collective.

We started as an Italian restaurant working with Southern ingredients. Longevity, exploration, and the practice of refinement has pushed the restaurant into exciting new territory. This process has coincided with a South that is more diverse today than it was when we opened a decade ago. The fields still grow tomatoes and turnip greens, but they are joined by ginger, turmeric, and galangal.

About Us Right Now

We cannot wait to welcome you back into the restaurant, to cook for you, and to feel the bustling energy of a shared space once again. We will return invigorated and reinvented, prepared to thrive in our new reality and to meet the changing needs of our guests. Between now and then, I hope Panciuto: At Home buoys us while providing a meaningful dinner for you, week in and week out. Thank you for continuously supporting our area's farmers, our staff, and craft cooking by choosing to dine with us. 

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