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So, what the heck is happening with Panciuto?

I’m getting this a lot, and I understand why. The answer is complicated. Here’s the cliff notes… Panciuto is on hiatus while I put my energy into Hillsborough Bakeshop and Pasta Co. A lot of what you love about Panciuto has been built into the HBPC concept, which is in the same physical space. The unique food quality, commitment to local sourcing, living wages, and general thoughtfulness that you’ve loved at Panciuto is very much alive at HBPC and I’d encourage you to come check it out.


Panciuto is not gone. It’s more like it just wakes up earlier, got a new haircut, and now prefers going by its middle name. It’s still here, it’s just a little different.

Finally, I’ll just add that I’m a chef’s chef, one who’s been on the line cooking dinner at Panciuto for 15 years. I think I’ve missed maybe 5 nights since I opened, and I wouldn’t do it any other way. But, it’s physically and mentally taxing (I’m not 28 anymore), and that’s a lot of time away from my family that I can’t get back. So, while I determine the long-term vision for Panciuto, know that you can find me and the Panciuto crew working everyday at Hillsborough Bakeshop and Pasta Co. creating a different, but comparably great restaurant. Come say hi.

- Aaron

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