We are taking a quantum leap forward, implementing a new service model that will give our guests a unique experience while maintaining the heart of what you’ve come to know and love about Panciuto.


Our Reservation system is moving completely online. You can access it here, make your reservation, and receive an email confirmation. If necessary, cancellations can be made via email. Because we have sacrificed seats as part of our renovation, parties of 5 or more will need to reach out to us directly as noted on the reservation page.


When you arrive for your reservation, you’ll be directed to grab a table and settle in. One of our staff will join you table-side and spend a few minutes going over the night’s menu, answering questions, and talking through the process from how to order dinner at your table all the way through payment at the end of the night. Our shared time is front-loaded so that you can enjoy a more independent dining experience and focus on your dinner party, with minimal interruption.


Because the practice of tipping is severely problematic, we are moving to a Fair Wage Charge of 18%. In lieu of a tip, each bill will include a 18% FWC, which will allow us to pay all of our staff a living wage.

We are open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 5:00-8:30 p.m.