Panciuto has been closed since March and most of us have not had an indoor restaurant dining experience since. Count me among that group. Until I can open the dining room safely to a crowd, confident we are not contributing to the asymptomatic spread of the virus in our community, we are shifting our efforts to Panciuto: At Home, our take-home dinner project.                                                                      - Aaron Vandemark, Chef & Owner

Panciuto: At Home

Our aim with this project is to focus on cooking for you in a way that provides a convenient and delicious meal that travels well to your home. These weekly suppers, inspired by Panciuto menus, will require minimal finishing in your kitchen and will be prepared with the same thought and care that you have come to expect from Panciuto. I hope we can make your week a little better and easier, bringing you the quality food you've been missing.

How It Works

Every Tuesday at 9 a.m., we will post this week's supper on our Order Page, including appetizer, entree, wine pairing, and dessert.  You will have the option to build your cart to meet your family's needs. Online ordering will remain open until Friday afternoon, or until we're sold out. Pickup will be between 5:00-6:30 p.m. on Friday.


On Friday, feel free to arrive any time during our pickup window. You'll come to the front of Panciuto, where one of us will be ready to grab your items for you. Please be sure to wear a mask during your pickup - we'll be working hard to keep the process as smooth and contact-less as possible on our end! 

Our menu will change each week, reflecting the seasons and, as always, utilizing meat and produce raised and grown within miles of the restaurant. Your purchase of a Panciuto: At Home supper keeps your dollars in our community by supporting small farmers and businesses as well as our great staff. You can follow us on Instagram at @panciutorestaurant to stay up to date and get a peek at what's going on in our kitchen!

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