Our menu changes a little bit every day, noticeably week to week, and completely month to month.


Salad - panisse lettuce, grilled radicchio, anchovy, dill aioli, chopped egg, pecorino, vincotto [13]

The Oyster Bar - eight oysters on the half shell with kimchi and prosecco granita [16]

Chicken Sammy - fried “chicken” of the woods, b&b pickles, mayo, fermented hot sauce [16]

Vegetable Board - fried green tomatoes, spicy daikon, onion glazed beets, potato crostata, fermented turnips, flash fried shishitos, fennel salad, deviled egg, dandelion green pesto [20]


Black Spaghetti, chopped shrimp, lump crab, saffron brodetto, garlicky breadcrumbs, arugula, chili oil [28]

Garganelli, pulled pork shoulder, mustard butter, oyster mushrooms, arugula, breadcrumbs, parmesan [27]

Butternut Squash Ravioli, spinach, sage, toasted pumpkin seeds, goat cheese, breadcrumbs [27]

Maltagliati, duck meatballs, egg white stracciatella scallions, oyster mushrooms, pecorino, duck cracklins, breadcrumbs [29]


Grilled Pork Shoulder, onion glaze, buttered polenta, charred kale with roasted sweet peppers, lemon, anchovy, and parmesan [32]

Pan Seared Fish, fennel risotto, garlic brodetto, roasted beets, pickled carrots, pea shoots, crispy onions [32]


Cookie plate- Potted chocolate with almond biscotti, Lemon-poppyseed panna cotta, Wedding cookie, Peanut butter-dark chocolate crostata, Chai ice cream, Bonet custard, Blueberry cream bavarian biscuit [15]