SATURDAY, APRIL 29th, 2017

Our menu changes a little bit every day, noticeably week to week and completely month to month.


Panisse lettuce, apple vinaigrette, watermelon radishes, ashed goat cream, asparagus [12]

Lettuce, 'yuzucello'-buttermilk dressing, radishes, mint, pecorino, cracker [12]

Harukei turnip soup [9]

Steamed buns: porchetta belly, ginger cucumbers, parsley aioli [11]

Risotto, asparagus, poached egg, prosciutto [12]

Vegetable board: grilled asparagus, celery salad, ginger beets, breakfast radishes, whipped goat cheese, fried green tomatoes, cucumber salad, strawberries, deviled egg [18]


Gnocchi, rabbit ragu, oyster mushrooms, cream sugo, boiled egg, carrots [27]

Potato-ricotta cappelletti, green garlic butter, poached egg, candied lemon, grilled asparagus, lion's mane mushrooms [27]

Black garganelli, chopped shrimp, crab, squid, tomato-chili oil, arugula [27]

Mushroom chitarra, fermented butter, oyster and lion's mane mushrooms, fermented turnips, spinach, parmesan [26]

Cavatelli, grilled pork sausage, saffron whey butter, cucumber mash, Danish rye breadcrumbs [26]

Tagliatelle, broccoli raab pesto, anchovy-chili oil, cotenne, smoked clams, lemon powder, pecorino [25]


Grilled pork shoulder, pepper jelly glaze, crispy potato cazzilli, horseradish cream, olive oil braised spigariello [34]

Grilled monkfish, crispy fried polenta, cucumber juice, twice fried broccoli leaves and shoots, radishes [32]


Strawberry panna cotta, lavender moscato, cornmeal biscuit crumb [8]

Blackberry-almond cake, whipped ricotta, honey drizzle [8]

Chocolate-pecan biscotti, coffee or 2 oz. Vin Santo [5/15]