Our menu changes a little bit every day, noticeably week to week and completely month to month.


Salad: Salinova, apple cider vinegar, goat cheese, pears, toasted pumpkin seeds [11]

Turnip soup, crispy turnip tops, fermented turnips [10]

Oak Leaf Lettuce, grilled frisee, chopped egg, vincotto, dill aioli, anchovy oil, pecorino [13]

Carpaccio: Thin sliced beef sirloin, candy lemon, arugula, field peas, parsley aioli, parmesan [12]

Vegetable board: flash fried pepper, fennel salad, gingered beets, grilled carrots, smokey eggplant mash, pickled green tomato, radish salad, flat beans, sweet potato salad [20]


Goat cheese tortelloni, honey butter, roasted turnips, baby kale, pears, pecans, breadcrumbs [26]

Garganelli, "naked" pork sausage, marinated sweet peppers, simmered tomatoes, arugula, goat cheese crumbles, breadcrumbs [27]

Butterbean Agnolotti, fried jimmy nardello peppers, kale butter, rose syrup, pecorino, breadcrumbs [27]

Toasted potato gnocchi, rabbit ragu, cream sugo, carrots, oyster mushrooms, radishes, parsley, scallion, boiled egg, breadcrumbs [27]

Chitarra, chopped shrimp-hot pepper mash, cucumber strings, garlic oil, breadcrumbs, saffron brodetto, arugula [26]


Grilled Pork Shoulder, onion jam, erba stella- goat cheese 'frittata', tomato-pepper anchovy salad, parsley aioli [32]

Grilled Striped Bass, corn smut risotto, prosciutto, butter-bean mash, crispy okra, grilled red onions [32]


Paw Paw 'horchata' icee, pizelle cookie, whipped cream [8] . . .  with rum [11]

Peanut butter whip, crushed chocolate cookies, mint, orange-chocolate sauce [8]

Chocolate-pecan biscotti, coffee or 2 oz. Vin Santo [5/15]