Thursday, March 23, 2017

Our menu changes a little bit every day, noticeably week to week and completely month to month.


Roasted pork carpaccio, baby kale, crispy pumpkin, fig vinaigrette, goat cheese [12]

Grilled bruschetta:  Cottonbell cheese, pepper jelly, sunny egg, bacon, pea shoots [11]

Egg curd-brown rice risotto, fermented radish juice, chopped shrimp, puffed sorghum, scallions, chili oil [13]

Winter vegetable board: breakfast radishes, crispy tops, fermented turnips, soft boiled egg, celery salad, ricotta-bean mash, pickled green tomatoes, pea shoots, toast [14]

Tortellini alla Toscana, egg white stracciatella broth, scallions, parsley, parmesan [10]


Gnocchi, braised pork ragu, oyster mushrooms, little carrots, wilted spinach, parmesan [18/28]

Goat cheese tortelloni, crispy sweet potato, charred kale, burnt lemon syrup, breadcrumbs [18/27]

Squid ink noodles, chopped shrimp, smoked clams, squid 'noodles', chili oil, saffron brodetto, claytonia, breadcrumbs [18/28]

Chestnut spaghetti, mutton meatballs, pork brodo, funky daikon, mushrooms, poached egg, chili oil, greens, scallions [18/28]


Onion jam glazed pork shank, rutabaga hashbrown, celery aioli, mustard greens, fermented radishes, chili oil [32]

Grilled striped bass, toasted russet potato gnocchi, Brunswick stew, shelled beans, steamed clams, pea shoots [32]



Bonet custard, caramel, crushed amaretti cookies [6]

Chocolate polenta cake, chai ice cream, warm chocolate, crushed peanut brittle [8]