SATURDAY, JULY 22nd, 2017

Our menu changes a little bit every day, noticeably week to week and completely month to month.


Scaccia- folded pizza with robiola cheese, mushrooms, salami, basil, pickled onion, balsamic syrup [10]

Salad with Heirloom tomatoes, grilled bread, cucumbers, cheese, mixed herbs, red wine vinaigrette [12]

Chilled cucumber soup, crab, mixed herbs, potatoes, peaches [13]

Carpaccio: Beef Sirloin, fried potatoes, herbs, sweet pepper aioli, pickled onions, pecorino, peashoots, [12]

Vegetable board: flash fried pepper, snap beans in pesto, gingered beets, fennel salad, whipped goat cheese, celery salad, cucumber salad, marinated melon, deviled egg [18]


Goat cheese cappelletti, garlic butter, sunny egg, grilled onions, onion jam, chives, chive blossom, breadcrumbs [26]

Farfalle, pulled pork, crauti butter, oyster mushrooms, arugula, parmesan, breadcrumbs [26]

Black Pappardelle, grilled swordfish, tomato butter, basil, arugula, pancetta, orange powder [27]

Chitarra, zucchini strings, chopped shrimp, lemon basil, tomato butter, arugula, breadcrumbs [27]

Garganelli, rabbit ragu in tomato sugo, eggplant, fried bread, arugula, basil, breadcrumbs, hickory grove [27]


Grilled Pork Shoulder, onion glaze, ghiaia pasta salad with corn, little tomatoes, cucumber, arugula, basil aioli dressing, crispy onions [32]

Grilled Black Drum, corn mash, prosciutto, eggplant mash agridolce, sungold tomatoes, crispy okra, grilled red onions [32]


Blueberry panna cotta, lavender moscato, cornmeal biscuit crumb [8]

Peanut butter whip, crushed chocolate cookies, mint, orange-chocolate sauce [8]

Chocolate-pecan biscotti, coffee or 2 oz. Vin Santo [5/15]