SATURDAY, APRIL 21st, 2018

Our menu changes a little bit every day, noticeably week to week and completely month to month.


Bruschetta- grilled bread, smoked farmers cheese, cinnamon cap mushrooms, rose syrup [12]

Pickled shrimp, chopped egg, bok choy, mizuna, green radish, spicy-sweet vinaigrette [11]

Salad: Salinova, yuzucello buttermilk dressing, watermelon radish, pecorino, carta di musica  [12]

Chcken fried shad roe, fried oysters, rice grits, fermented hot sauce, white kimchi [13]

Vegetable board: spiced bean cake, onion glazed beets, celery salad, grilled carrots, goat cheese mash, spicy daikon, deviled egg, marinated sweet potato [20]


Sweet potato agnolotti, three meat brodo, grilled scallions, spinach, oyster mushrooms, parmesan, breadcrumbs [27]

Hand rolled Pici, steamed clams, green tomato brodetto, winter beans, garlic crumbs, mizuna [28]

Cavatelli, rabbit ragu, cream sugo, oyster mushrooms, grilled asparagus, roasted breakfast radishes, arugula, breadcrumbs [27]

Goat cheese tortelloni, green garlic butter, sunny egg, pork belly, pea tendrils, pepper jelly syrup, breadcrumbs [28]

Garganelli, tomato braised mutton ragu, spinach, roasted turnips, shiitake mushrooms, breadcrumbs [28]


Grilled Pork Chop, red eye gravy, rutabaga hash brown, garlic aioli, parmesan, grilled romaine [32]

Pan Seared Trigger Fish, asparagus risotto, prosciutto, crispy green garlic, radish-scallion quick pickle [32]


Cookie plate- Chocolate-pistachio biscotti, Wedding sandy, Sbricciolata, Blueberry macaron, White chocolate bark, Espresso ice ream, ginger mousse, Lemon cake, Cocoa blueberry crisp [16]