THRUSDAY, October 20, 2016

Our menu changes a little bit every day, noticeably week to week and completely month to month.


Grilled bruschetta, sunny egg*, Campo cheese, pepper jelly, maple bacon, balsamic [11]

Saffron ricotta gnocchi, roasted pork belly, saffron whey, cucumber mash, dried tomatoes [13]

Seared beef sirloin carpaccio, mizuna, fried fennel, white bean salad, parsley aioli, feta [13]

Grilled radicchio, lettuce, chopped egg, dill aioli, anchovy oil, vincotto, pecorino [12]

Folded crispy flatbread, white sauce, shiitakes, prosciutto, pickled onions, arugula, anchovy oil, parmesan [12]

Baby kale, crispy butternut squash, muscadine vinaigrette, pumpkin seeds, goat cheese, vincotto [12]

Steamed buns with pork belly alla porchetta, ginger pickled cucumbers, parsley aioli [12]



Spinach garganelli, mutton sausage, eggplant mash, roasted zavory peppers, amara, breadcrumbs, feta [27]

Black pappardelle, grilled dogfish, pancetta, green tomato-cucumber mash, bottarga, arugula, orange powder, breadcrumbs [28]

Chestnut chitarra, pulled pork shoulder, shiitakes, crauti butter, arugula, parmesan, breadcrumbs, pork brodo [28]

Butterbean tortelloni, charred kale butter, fermented peppers, sunny egg*, pecorino, balsamic syrup, bread crumbs [27]


Crispy Porchetta, Vincotto, Goat Cheese [34]


Pan Roasted Red Porgy [34]

...toasted potato gnocchi in buttermilk, scallion mash, beet chips, candied lemon


Fig and almond cake, whipped ricotta, honey [8]

Potted chocolate, crushed peanut biscotti, soft whipped cream [7]