SATURDAY, December 10, 2016

Our menu changes a little bit every day, noticeably week to week and completely month to month.


Beef carpaccio, tiny greens, parsley aioli, fried fennel, lemon vinaigrette, feta [12]

Butter lettuce, grilled red radicchio, chopped egg, dill aioli, anchovy oil, vincotto, pecorino [11]

Baby kale, crispy butternut squash, fig-mustard vinaigrette, pumpkin seeds, goat cheese, vincotto [12]

Pan roasted Erba Stella greens, poached egg, crumbled porchetta, anchovy-chili oil, mushroom powder, yuzu syrup, pecorino, breadcrumbs [12]

Iceberg pie: iceberg lettuce griddle cake, fried sweet potato crumbles, cilantro aioli, fermented turnips, scallions, chili oil, burnt lemon syrup [11]


Black garganelli, chopped shrimp, dried tomato pesto, saffron brodetto, arugula, breadcrumbs [27]

Toasted potato gnocchi, pork Bolognese, oyster mushrooms, little carrots, spinach, parmesan [28]

Butterbean tortelloni, pecorino-black pepper butter, sunny egg, braised pork, black radishes, radish greens, pepper jelly syrup [27]

Butternut squash filled ravioli, charred kale butter, goat cheese crumbles, pumpkin oil, spiced pumpkin seeds, sage, honey, breadcrumbs [28]


Sorghum glazed pork shank, chestnut polenta, butter fried dried apples, fermented turnips, roasted brussels spouts, chestnuts [34]

Grilled striped bass, chestnut polenta, crispy fennel, roasted Romanesco, pink radishes, lemon-oregano mash [32]


Pannetone bread pudding, cinnamon ice cream, honey, vanilla cream [8]

Potted chocolate, crushed peanut biscotti, soft whipped cream [7]